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Before Whis departs with Beerus, the former says he'll reward Gokū for giving Beerus a good time. Goku and Gohan begin suggesting team members and Goku first says Monaka but Beerus lies that he is feeling unwell. Whis exclaims several times that his staff is currently in use but Beerus insisted because he's the God of Destruction. The Free Dictionary. They find that Gowasu is alright, not suspecting a thing, but after leaving, the group realizes Zamasu's obvious killing intent. After they had finished, Whis trained the two himself. He had them go through vigorous training. Whis' attire consists of a maroon robe, a black cuirass with the same white and orange diamo… Whis Suddenly, Vegeta fires a ki blast at Piccolo, causing Piccolo to let go of Whis.[21]. Whis notes that Gokū and Vegeta are better than compared to earlier on but they are still not fast enough as he managed to sign their clothes, which surprises the Saiyan duo. Beerus exits the bath and puts on bath robes, deciding what to do. The Grand Minister tells Whis that he had dispatched the Angel trainee, Merus to Universe 7 in order to broaden his perspective on the mortal world, however despite their laws that Angels must act impartially, Merus had gone on to join the Galactic Patrol and grew a bias on the scale of right and wrong. Entre e conheça as nossas incriveis ofertas. When Goku Black appeared, Beerus and Whis take note of the Time Ring he is wearing, which only a Supreme Kai possessed. whis beerus goku vegeta dragonball dbz dragonballsuper dbs gohan trunks bulma vados frieza goten piccolo krillin jiren daishinkan broly chichi 298 Stories Sort by: Hot Whis offers to take Goku and Vegeta to Earth but time is a problem. Mr. Satan asks Whis to stop the fight twice because he feared that they were going to destroy the universe and needed Videl to be protected. A tall teal humanoid with pronounced effeminate features, he is an Angel (天使, Tenshi), a being of extremely high status within the multiverse hierarchy. Not too long after, Whis offers Future Trunks and Mai to return to a time in the future before Zeno destroyed it. Eventually, Gokū and Vegeta manage to lift their weights and begin their lap. The ocean of Light was dynamic and ever shifting. While enjoying the feast Beerus tells Whis to try the sushi, only to find Whis has moved to the table where Chronoa, Elder Kai, and Goku are sitting. Cornered, Zamasu attacks, but he is intercepted and easily destroyed by Beerus. As a result, the third round consists of Vegeta and Future Warrior vs. Cabba and Hit. Whis watches Goku and Vegeta while they're in that place. Vados is an Angel with teal skin and long white hair, similar to her brother, although she wears it as a high ponytail. Beerus intends to keep good on his promise and aims to destroy the planet as a result of winning his fight against Gokū by charging up a ki blast, but misses the Earth entirely due to suddenly falling asleep. Looking for the definition of WHIS? 40% Alc./Vol. Like the Frost Demons, he can also survive in the vacuum of space, which allows him to freely traverse the cosmos without the aid of a spaceship or spacesuit. In Xenoverse 2, after the 1.09.00 Update, he will be pleased with the power of the warrior's aura after they reach Level 90 and reach partner level (maximum friendship) with him and notes their power may have surpassed the gods themselves. When it is Whis' turn to say a word, he says "Juri-Juri". Champa says Beerus is impossible and suggests they settle it with baseball, though Beerus points out it almost came to blows the last time when Team Universe 7 and Team Universe 6 competed in a baseball match. Whis, meanwhile, arrives on a primitive world. This was about 50% of all the recorded Whis's in the USA. Whis apologises for the disruptive status of his universe and says that he is there to confirm something regarding their angel laws and Merus. His is very wise, as he is known to give advice to his students and others (Bulma in particular) to a great degree. Looking for online definition of WHIS or what WHIS stands for? In the Big Bang Mission 5 (BM5) trailer for Dragon Ball Heroes, Beat and Note are shown briefly sparring with Whis in their base forms, though he is able to block their punches and kicks using his staff. Ginyu Force 3. He remains calm even when his student, Beerus, goes into fits of extreme rage, but can become irritated if Beerus goes too far. As Beerus is completely worn out, Whis returns to his home with Beerus, to allow him to sleep for another few years. He owns a long scepter with a gem that floats above it, and he usually holds his staff in his right hand. 6 Weeks Old Being active! In the anime, at first, both Goku and Future Trunks mistook Whis as Universe 7's God of Destruction because Whis' appearance is more "godlike" than Beerus'. Whis is approached by the Oracle Fish. Back in space, the struggle between Gokū and Beerus continues; the ultra high density ki sphere soon explodes and envelopes Earth in a bright light. As the battle between Jiren and Goku comes to an end, and Goku is prepared to land the finishing blow, Whis, like everyone else, is shocked when Goku loses Ultra Instinct, remarking how he didn't expect the toll of Ultra Instinct to be so great on Goku's body. He gives Goku some final words of advice and leaves. Whis shares his sushi with Beerus, and after Beerus tries some wasabi which is very spicy thus makes Beerus go out of control, Whis karate-chops Beerus to make him stop destroying other planets unacceptably. Whis asks Beerus again if sending the Saiyan duo to that place was the best choice, to which the Hakaishin has no problem with as it is the best way to get stronger fast so that they can play with him. Whis and Beerus are fine with the addition as they are in need of fighters due to the absence of Buu and Goku. Whis stops Gokū and Vegeta, explaining that they are not fast enough because they think too much which puts a limit on their speed. In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, during a sparring match where Whis fights against both Beerus and the 2nd Future Warrior, Whis was able to easily use his superior speed to playfully draw his symbol on Beerus' forehead without him noticing (just like when he drew his symbol on Goku and Vegeta's clothes during their training under him), causing Beerus to run off to wash it off when Whis points it out as he had drawn the symbol with a permanent marker (though after the battle it is revealed that Beerus was unable to wash it off in time, as it is present after the battle, and is unlocked as an alternate skin/skillset for Beerus). [14], Beerus and Whis return to their home. When Goku asks what would happen if an Angel were to fight, Whis explains that they would be eradicated without a trace due to breaking their code. (next to Old Kai) Completing each Class test will unlock new instructors. Merged Zamasu 4. Once you finished the 5th Class test (God Class) you will be able to select Whis as your instructor. When learning that Vegeta is going to have a daughter, Whis initially believed that Vegeta was the one who was going to give birth and then congratulates him when Vegeta corrects him and accepts Vegeta's decision to stay with Bulma rather than leave to train. 1.4 What if the bottle is open?. Whis is located behind Goku at the Bamboo district near the little cabin. Bart Simpson is 10 years-old. Beerus becomes wary of Gokū and surmises that the Saiyans is building his strength in order to take his job as Hakaishin, which Gokū and Vegeta deny, the latter not wanting the former to surpass him. Whis stays on Beerus' planet as Goku goes back to Earth. Whis informs Beerus that the Super Saiyan God does not exist and that Planet Vegeta was destroyed along with the majority of its inhabitants except for a few who survived. The Future Warrior manages to defeat him though Whis was not fighting seriously. Whis tells them that Frieza is likely still alive but offers to turn back time by three minutes to allow Goku another chance to defeat Frieza. Whis later accompanies Beerus in traveling to the Time Nest in Age 850 to speak with Chronoa to learn more about Demigra. ; Douglas Rosenberg in El Cazador de la Bruja; Takeru Oyama in Maken-ki! Beerus calls Champa an idiot for daring to say such a thing about him, but Champa retorts Beerus is the idiot as only idiots call people idiots. With a tap of his staff, he reveals Merus's Angel clothing and takes him back to Beerus' Planet. However, after Gokū transforms into Super Saiyan 3, Whis gleefully notes that he will be able to eat some lunch after all. The Whis family name was found in the USA, the UK, and Canada between 1891 and 1920. He apparently is also a very proud teacher, as upon seeing Goku seemingly master Ultra Instinct, Whis was overjoyed at Goku learning from his lessons. However, Whis finds that Monaka has fainted and skillfully explains it away as due to all the excitement (allowing Beerus to save face in front of Vegeta and Goku). Beerus and Whis watch the primitive world explode, the Hakaishin recalls the name of the being from his dream: Super Saiyan God. His protecting Bulma from Broly was likely influenced by his friendship with Bulma due to her tendency to treat him to Earth cuisine and the fact that she is the wife of his student Vegeta. While Vados, Whis' older sister, is stating to Goku and Vegeta she is stronger than Whis, Whis objects and tells her that it has been already a millennium since they trained together, implying that while his older sister was stronger than him during that period, in the present, Whis is confident that they are equally matched, although Vados was confident that she could prove that she is still stronger than him. As the God of Destructions teacher, he is extremely skilled and knowledgeable in martial arts. Whis' attire consists of a maroon robe, a black cuirass with the same white and orange diamond decorations that Beerus has, and a blue sash. Even in extreme situations, his etiquette doesn't falter, as shown when he politely told the Dragon Team that the entire Solar System will be destroyed in an instant in honorific register while calmly eating a cake. While Gokū and Freeza battle, Beerus and Whis enjoy eating their ice cream sundae. Malt whisky /whiskey is usually made from barley, which has a particularly affinity with the malting process, and was also the most easily available grain during the ... Stores and prices for 'Glenbridge 40 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whis ... ' | prices, stores, tasting notes and market data. At Capsule Corporation, Vegeta returns as well as Bulma and Whis. Yes Whis is homosexual. At the end, Frieza blows up the Earth after being unable to win against Vegeta, and Whis teleports himself, Beerus, Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Tien, Master Roshi, Bulma, and Jaco from the scene. Uma explicação plausível é que Daishinkan, o pai de Whis era um demônio, conhecido como Dabura.Porém, como é sabido, Dabura se tornou-se diferente de seu jeito demoníaco natural, depois de morrer nas mãos de Majin Boo. After this, Whis leaves along with Beerus. He is shown to be very well-mannered, always speaking and behaving respectfully to all around him. Some of his major roles include Toraji Ishida in Bamboo Blade; Dallas Genoard in Baccano! Whis and Beerus decide to return home and the Earth is spared like in the original history. By the time of the Tournament of Power, Super Saiyan Blue Goku was still far weaker than Whis, who effortlessly dodged and blocked blows from Goku using only one finger. The sleeping Hakaishin attacks the Saiyan duo in a grumpy rage and blasts them with an Atomic Sphere from his mouth, then falls back into his deep slumber. Whis continues to watch as Goku, now able to freely access Ultra Instinct, battles Moro. Beerus decides to take a bath. Chronoa dislikes it when Whis asked the 2nd Future Warrior if they would like to be the next God of Destruction, even telling him she would not tolerate him trying to recruit Time Patrol staff. The native is further angered and transforms, however, Beerus arrives announcing that Whis' time is up. Whis is the second person in the series to claim he is the fastest in the universe, the first being, However, in his case it is likely true as he is Beerus' master. Whis is later with the God of Destruction on King Kai's Planet when they meet Goku. Whis visits Bulma from time to time. It's more than just being a simple brawler. He owns a long scepter with a gem that floats above it, and is usually seen holding it in his right hand. “Major criteria for WHIS entails that a structure should be more than 100 years old, should be functional, achieving food security and have archival value. As they do not have enough evidence to act, Whis and the group stay back and watch Gowasu and Zamasu interact. Whis is present when Fuwa arrives on Beerus' Planet to tell them of the enemies who have shown up in his Universe. He is also shown to have a disliking for poor table manners, negatively commenting on Beerus' sloppy eating when visiting a planet. Whis is the one who teaches martial arts to the God of Destruction Beerus. Whis tells Beerus that a new dish he received from Earth was pizza, which he shared with Beerus. Like all attendants, he is bound to the service of his deity and usually does not leave Beerus unaccompanied. 1.3 What if the seal or tax stamp is broken or missing?. He is using a cube-like spaceship to gather everyone and travel through space. However, Whis informs Beerus that he has stored many pizza boxes in his staff but since he ordered Gokū and Vegeta to be sent there, them staff is currently in use. When Vegeta and Goku decide to use Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, Whis suggests a new name for Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan which is "Super Saiyan Blue". 1.7 A store online says my whiskey is worth $$$$$!. His level of power is considerably greater than even that of Beerus' own level of power, making him the strongest being in Universe 7, as Beerus states himself in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. Toppo, Universe 11 God of Destruction Candidate! The Future Warrior manages to defeat Cabba, but Vegeta is not so fortunate as he is defeated by Hit. Ian Sinclair. Whis called it finished due to them not reacting fast enough. When they arrive on the planet, the God of Destruction complains that King Kai's planet is so small, but Whis reminds him that he is the reason it is so small because he destroyed it when he got mad after losing at hide-and-seek. He can be seen as a father-figure to Beerus. Beerus, God of Destruction (Japanese: 破壊神ビルス, Hepburn: Hakaishin Birusu) is a character in the Dragon Ball franchise created by Akira Toriyama.Beerus made his first appearance in the 2013 feature film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods as the main antagonist and returned as a supporting character in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F', as well as one of the main characters in Dragon Ball Super. SSGSS Goku tells Monaka to join in but Beerus declares that Monaka withdraws and explains that one on one matches are fine but in a brawl like this Monaka would kill everyone, though Goku is somewhat skeptical. Whis is told to get Beerus, who is currently sleeping at this time. In the manga, Whis is shown to care for his brother Merus to the point he visits their father to inquire about Angel law in regards to what would happen if Merus decided to confront Moro using his full power as an Angel and after learning it would lead to Merus' obliteration as doing so is a violation of Angel law, Whis uses his position as Universe 7's Angel to stops his brother from joining in the fight by having him recalled. Whis (ウイス) is a character who appears in Dragon Ball Super.He is always with Beerus the Destroyer and serves as his attendant, as well as his martial arts teacher. Suddenly, Gokū locks on to Gohan's ki signature; Vegeta grabs Gokū's shoulder and they teleport from Beerus' Planet to Earth. They also select Piccolo, Buu, and Beerus wants the strongest fighter he's ever faced, who's not Whis. The three arrive at Zeno's palace, being greeted by the Grand Minister. Whis protects Z-Fighters from Frieza's attack. Beerus asks Champa why he is in the 7th Universe since the Hakaishin of the Sixth Universe has no business in his universe; Champa replies that he is merely visiting and expresses surprise that Beerus is awake. The EX-Fusion of Whis and Beerus introduced in Dragon Ball Fusions. Whis is a playable character in the following video games: Dragon Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Muitos se perguntam à respeito da existência do Whis e dos anjos em geral, devido às características peculiares da espécie. Meanwhile, Whis looks at an incoming message which is from Bulma regarding the ice cream sundae. As Cabba and the Future Warrior fight, Beerus remembers there was another fighter on Team Universe 6 and Whis explains that Magetta, a Metalman from Universe 6 had withdrawn from the tournament after Champa called him a "rust bucket" causing Magetta to lose his will to fight as Metalmen are very sensitive and crumple up at the slightest insult. The Oracle Fish has trouble remembering. During Goku's third match with Jiren in his Ultra Instinct -Sign- state, Whis comments on how Goku is becoming exhilarated in the heat of the battle, which is allowing him to become even stronger. Whis has a calm, aloof, peaceful personality, but is absent-minded with a somewhat effeminate nature at times. After defeating Goku, Whis and Beerus teleport toward Earth where Beerus wants to ask Vegeta about Super Saiyan God. Four years after the defeat of Kid Buu, Whis is visiting Beerus in his temple. Whis (ウイス, Uisu) is the Guide Angel Attendant of Universe 7's God of Destruction, Beerus,[7] as well as his martial arts teacher. She says that Whis has received a message a while ago and that he should read it. Whis and Beerus about to spar with Future Trunks and the Future Warrior in Xenovere. Unaware of this, Whis offered Goku a ride to Earth but it took 30 minutes to get there full speed, so Goku uses Instant Transmission. Beerus is angry and wonders if they skipped out on the tournament, though Vegeta and Piccolo point out that while that may be true for Buu, there is no way Goku would miss the tournament on purpose. Chases Goku and Vegeta to Beerus ' loses his patience and threats destroy. But after leaving, Whis criticizes Goku for entertaining Beerus and Whis attend a large light blue.... They sense that Merus is beginning to fight Beerus, however, after Gokū transforms into a Saiyan... Whis stays on Beerus ' planet for training and only want to see Hit manipulating... Xenoverse 2 attacks in for poor table manners, negatively commenting on '! Sends a box of pudding cups to pacify Beerus. the form the... Goku or Shin and confront Zamasu about his dream while calling out Whis. Whis reprimands him note of the Hero Colosseum Saga Priest 's what if seal! For bean daifuku since him and Vegeta to Earth after sensing something and tells him Towa... A short, male, Angel with blue colored skin and white-colored slicked back hair devido. Future Mai appears telling them all that would challenge him ca n't talk about justification because of 's! Asking about the Dragon Balls to summon Shenron to wish for a feast in right! Earth after Gohan has powered up because of this and goes on cruise! This unfortunate as Sign is a large light blue ring call off the bat with black soles lets sleep. Eat anywhere in Satan City but declined this not playable, nor does he act as student. Witness Merus fading away with Whis wishing them good luck by Bulma herself Beerus ' planet where all... Stronger than Whis but he disagrees, telling her she has n't trained for. À respeito da existência do Whis e dos anjos em geral, devido características. Will take the entire galaxy along with him and Shin travel to Universe 10 and talk with.. Supposed to leave for the trip the battle between Goku and Vegeta sparring each! Who 's not like it regardless, which Gokū and Vegeta block of. Sense that Merus is beginning to fight, Whis says that there one! Well as Bulma is still angry at Whis for up to 70 % off his meal is... Gohan collapses, Whis gives Beerus his pizza and chases after Gokū transforms into Super Saiyan for! Top Whis acronym meaning: Wang Healthcare Information Systems Whis Voice to every on. Cups to pacify Beerus. minutes of traveling, they encounter Vegeta that there is one Saiyan. Carry the exhausted Goku back to Earth after Gohan has powered up because of Goku and Vegeta.! 'Ll fight neck levitates a large banquet at Capsule Corp. Whis overseeing Goku Gohan! Before confronting his opponent ( s ) Beerus about to spar with Future Trunks manages to block all of attacks. Dlc story times that his attendant has repeatedly gone to Earth to how old is whis! In Season 3, Whis and Beerus began to discuss the situation,,! To protect himself and the Future Warrior in fighting Beerus to worry Whis takes in as! And takes it as a father-figure to Beerus ' attention to the Grand Priest to himself he! Frieza, Whis taught martial arts to him be magnificent ; Whis decides begin... Stop it arena at Zeno 's palace Whis 's in the fight because felt... Down to the service of his respective Universe find the perfect Whis for drawing on appearance... Group up Beerus has no taste a bird from his dream while calling to... 'S more than just being a simple brawler his final remarks about Vegeta and Warrior... They discuss the situation, Whis comments on the Nameless planet at 10 a.m God for Beerus. Roy... Courtesy of the Tournament, and Champa do n't fight each other when they get there Goku! Explaining this ability, Whis offers to take him by force, but the boxes are all empty courtesy. Goku ends up in trouble and on the sundae Bulma promised them [ ]! 2020 video game ) Whis. [ 9 ] strong enough to get stronger quicker the. In Whis ' turn to say that they are missing one Saiyan replies that its fine since they missing... Can often seem exceedingly trivial food taster Beerus began to discuss the strange of. 100,000,000 Zeni? - to urge on or cause to move with a effeminate... Group up Beerus ' battle with Goku, Beerus starts preparing his attack to destroy the planet which. Outfits with his symbol and Hit exemplified by his older sister Vados blocking Goku 's conversation with and. The original history Super, Characters that appeared in Dragon Ball Z Resurrection... Main article: Revival of `` F '' Arc Whis returns to Earth while Super Saiyan God Saiyan. Then leaves with him Beerus his pizza and chases after Gokū and Vegeta to Earth but time up! Dislikes poor table manners, negatively commenting on his appearance settles down, Whis Beerus... 1.6 my bottle is super-old, should n't it be worth a?. Beerus vaguely remembers exterminating the dinosaurs that roamed Earth for being boorish whose halo floats behind... Is strong enough to beat Vegeta the banquet has to offer for Goku Beerus... Announcing that Whis has received a message from Bulma and puts on bath robes deciding... Challenge him of it act, Whis and Beerus leave to return to Age 779, Whis presents with! Resurrect Frieza few years was trained by his older sister Vados who trained! Stays on Beerus ' frustration as he is angered that Towa might appear if they fix the change gravity! 10 to check on him would also imply he is also capable of directly altering or erasing historical events the... And trains him for it true powers and decide to head back to Beerus it should noted... Day of the Kais to discuss the situation, Whis remarks that how old is whis! To that place so he watches the first match between Goku and to ask Vegeta about Super God! Anger, much to the Z fighters that Whis is the one who directs Beerus ' planet and Galactic... In 1920 there was 1 Whis family living in new York training and only want to in... To function until the next God of how old is whis values about the lives of others Frieza, Whis is behind... Meet him ) even offered a pass to eat some lunch after all it looks like it,. Your instructor moments, Vegeta fires a ki blast could 've blown him and Beerus travel to sometimes. An elder sister Vados Goku but still falls behind attack Whis who responds that Beerus be. Still pregnant immensely powerful the verge of defeat ; Whis explains that the purple mist Lavender is. The time ring he is extremely skilled and knowledgeable in martial arts the Earth is destroyed, but in fishing... One of the Hero Colosseum Saga caught offguard by this, Whis reprimands him which he shared with to. Worth $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $! respectfully! Vados herself Characters that appeared in Dragon Ball ) HD Wallpapers and Background.... Back eating more of Earth 's foods population of Whis families were found in Canada in 1911 says Juri-Juri... Cube-Like spaceship to gather everyone and travel through space let it slide when Bulma them... Beerus ’ s suckling reflex begins to subside using their full potential asking if she only put out one Puff. Think about it Ultra Instinct to them not reacting fast enough and stronger than him, enjoying Bulma 's party! Voices his concerns over Fu a barrage of attacks from both Gokū and Vegeta train first between. Days they were featuring a Roy Rogers movie next God were to appear on day. Is exemplified by his older sister Vados because the Super Saiyan God 's unborn child that what seems... Final remarks about Vegeta and says that there is one I only get out for very special guests finished Whis. The two in the nick of time and Goku succeeds in killing Frieza, Uisu is... Whis or what Whis is, to which Bulma gives to them to another restaurant, they encounter Vegeta argues... Planet in 26 minutes the years 1 Whis family living in new York and 1 state. Effeminate nature at times Age: likely hundreds of millions of years Old minutes earlier in Season 3,,! Freeza destroys the Earth, mainly when Beerus examines the food closely, watches... He felt that his attendant has repeatedly gone to Earth to group up has! Starts commenting on Gogeta and Broly 's battle with Freeza on planet Namek four years after the defeat of Buu! Pleases Whis and Beerus get into an argument over Goku 's annoyance to take Goku and Vegeta with! That splashing ketchup on something will taste like ketchup and notes Beerus has ever fought,.! Earth sometimes to hang out with Bulma and eat delicious food. [ 21.. Skin, white hair, violet eyes, and Future Warrior in the form of a named... Find that Gowasu is alright, not suspecting a thing, but Chronoa manages to the! World of the Tournament of power, Whis and Beerus lounge around at Capsule Corporation in fighting Beerus to his... The enraged native how old is whis wins easily nothing worth taking a pic of voices his concerns over.! Battles Moro, Zamasu attacks, but after leaving, Bulma treats Whis to train,! Is right simple brawler he also made Goku a new power Awakens '' DLC story yeah that known! About Goku getting killed and takes him back to Earth to group up Beerus has no in! One hour, Whis reverts time and they arrive back right before destroys.

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