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Records To Be Maintained While Filing IFTA

So filers, how are you doing today? Today’s blog topic is about the records to be maintained to file IFTA. Before we start, let’s brush up the basics about IFTA.

What is IFTA?

IFTA is a quarterly tax paid by motor carrier owners having IFTA license and operating their vehicles from one state to another. IFTA is filed on quarterly basis that implies each taxpayer to file and pay IFTA return on time. However, with the moving time, online service providers like is providing an opportunity to filers to come online and prepare their return, from anywhere, anytime. Continue reading

Get Your IFTA Form Mailed To Your Base Jurisdictions By 31st October

So filers, are you set to go with your IFTA filing? Well, we are here to remind you about the IFTA 3rd quarter due date that is falling on 31st of October 2014. So truckers, owner operators and qualified motor carriers who commute through the 48 jurisdictions with their IFTA license and a decal on their truck are required to file and pay their dues to their base jurisdiction on or before the due date. Continue reading

Tidbits About IFTA

So filers, how’re you doing? We are in the third quarter of the calendar year and this October end would be the last date for reporting IFTA to your base jurisdiction. Today, we are going to discuss IFTA in general for better understanding.

So Let’s Get Started, What Is IFTA? Continue reading

Basics Of IFTA- Part-1

Welcome back filers, it’s been a long week here at our end. How is your week treating you? Hope you are driving safe and fine on the highway. We have been receiving calls asking for more information about IFTA and that is why, this blog is dedicated to those who are new to filing taxes or preparing IFTA. Hope and trust we clear your queries. Additionally, we would like to divide the blog into two major parts for better understanding of IFTA. So stick around for a while and get a clear idea about IFTA. Continue reading

Q2 IFTA Preparation with

Welcome to After a long break, we are here to for a new blog post sending in reminders to IFTA filers to file their IFTA return for the second quarter. If you are one among the commuters traveling in the 48 jurisdictions during the second quarter of the year with an IFTA license and a decal on your truck, you are liable to report IFTA to your base jurisdiction. However, do note, if you don’t have any miles to report or no miles covered in the jurisdictions, you are liable to file IFTA checking on “No Operations” in your IFTA form. This will indicate you don’t have to pay any dues, however, you are keeping the base jurisdiction informed about the same.

IFTA due date falls on July 31st 2014, which means you have only 9 days in hand to prepare your return online and send it across to your base jurisdiction.

Now the very important question how IFTA tax calculated.

Well, this is the most aspect of IFTA. The calculations is based on the miles covered by the vehicle and the gallons of fuels used on the roads of the jurisdiction during that quarter. Assume, you have filed your gas tank with 200 gallons of Diesel at Oklahoma City and you are driving down to Kansas. As you reach there, you pump in another 100 gallons of Diesel. And you are moving towards South Dakota. So when you are preparing IFTA return, you need to pay taxes based on the fuel tax rate fixed at Kansas, Oklahoma and South Dakota based on the miles you have traveled. Do note, if you have pumped fuel during the quarter in any other jurisdiction, you need to mention the same in the return.

Now you have all the information handy, all you need to do is come to and fill in the details requested by the application. You will notice the calculation is done automatically yet, accurately. You really don’t have to bother running tabs to tabs, checking out the tax rate offered by each state you traveled. Our application would take care of that, leaving you with very less work to do. And that stands as the major advantage to prepare IFTA online.

Once you complete the procedure of filing online, your PDF is all ready to be printed and submitted to your base jurisdiction.

Other than supporting taxpayers with well-equipped and authentic service application to prepare your IFTA online, we have a set of Tax Experts online to assist you with your queries any time of the day. Simply reach us @ @ 1-866-245-3918 or shoot an email to We are here to assist you and serve you every benefit you deserve to win.

IFTA License And Decal Renewal

IFTA, the International Fuel Tax Agreement is active between 48 contiguous states and 10 Canadian Provinces, where the member jurisdictions act cooperatively to administer and collect motor fuel use taxes. The idea of IFTA was to establish and maintain the concept of one fuel use license and one administering base jurisdiction for each licensee. IFTA works when you have to report fuel tax to one or more state each quarter. However, today we are going to speak about IFTA renewal of license and decal. Continue reading

Get Your Taxes Calculated At TaxIFTA In Minutes

Hello IFTA filers, we know there are no mere due dates coming up in your calendar, however we are just getting you prepared for the next quarter. We know how tedious it gets when it comes to calculations. If you are preparing IFTA return manually, you need to check on the fuel tax rate, calculate with miles and the gallons applicable for the jurisdiction and pay the dues to your base jurisdiction.

As mentioned above, the workload for an IFTA filer is sufficient to keep them running around, excluding their deliveries. We duly understand that preparing IFTA manually is a difficult and errors are welcomed and thus, took the initiative and developed an application with inbuilt talent, which can automatically calculate your dues once the information is provided.

Well, if you have never considered online filing, then its high time you consider it and try it yourself for feature-rich experience. It would not only ease up your task and provide you with the IFTA PDF in minutes, but also reduce your workload and you can breathe ease.

Here’s a small example about how calculations takes place at

Assume, you are driving on the roads of South Dakota and fill your fuel tank with 100 gallons of Diesel and you are moving towards North Dakota. Once you touch the road of North Dakota, you are pumping around 200 gallons of Diesel in your rig. You get your deliveries completed and now you are required to travel through Kansas. You are pumping another 120 gallons of Diesel in your rig. So for now, you have traveled through 3 jurisdictions.

Presume, your registered base jurisdiction is Minnesota; you need to prepare your IFTA return and submit the same to your base jurisdiction by the due date. If you are late, you are supposed to file penalty for the same.

Each jurisdictions have their own fuel tax rate and when you’re preparing your IFTA return manually, you need to check on the rates, calculated based on the miles and gallons consumed in that jurisdictions. However, if you prepare your IFTA return online, you need to mention the tax year you are filing for and the quarter. Pick your base jurisdiction you are registered with, share your vehicle number, TGW and the jurisdictions you have traveled. The application would also ask you about the fuel type, gallons of fuel consumed with the miles covered in that jurisdiction.

 So, while preparing IFTA return, you should file taxes for South Dakota, North Dakota and Kansas based on the gallons of diesel you pumped in each jurisdiction and the miles covered. Also, include the other jurisdictions you are traveled during that quarter in your IFTA form.

Once you complete filing these details, your tax dues would be calculated and displayed in front of you in seconds. Almost like a wink of your eye.

When things can be this simple for you, why should you opt for preparing your return yourself. The information you provided to prepare IFTA would be imprinted on the form and converted into a PDF, which is all set to be filed to your base jurisdiction.

Oh wait this is not the end. Other than providing you with well-equipped website, we also serve our tax filers with handpicked Tax Experts to assist you with your queries and serve you the best. For support, call us at 1-866-245-3918 or write to us @ Join hands with IFTA, you will not regret.

Are You Looking For Clear Explanation On IFTA Jargons? We Will Help You (Part-II)

Welcome back filers. Few weeks back, we had posted a blog on IFTA Jargon’s, today; we would be posting the second part of the same. As we did not want to bore with the jargon’s, we divided the blog into two halves. Here’s the second one. Read, learn, refer and brush your knowledge here. Continue reading

Time To Test Your IFTA Knowledge

IFTA, International Fuel Tax Agreement is an agreement between 48 lower states of the United States and Canadian provinces to simplify reporting fuel tax used by Motor carriers that are operating in one or more jurisdiction. Every IFTA filer should enclose an IFTA license and decal for each qualifying vehicle is operates for quarterly filing IFTA tax return, determining the net tax and refund through the form. However, today, we are going to check how familiar you are with IFTA. A part of your successful trucking company is dependent on your understanding of IFTA. Here’s the most common questions asked by the truck drivers about IFTA. Continue reading