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4th Quarter IFTA Fuel Taxes are Due Now

IFTA  Fuel Tax reporting for the 4th Quarter 2017, is due now and you need to report it with your base jurisdiction by Jan 31st, you have until Wednesday, January 31st to prevent late penalties.

IFTA Tax Filing is due now

Prepare IFTA Fuel Tax Returns Online! is a simple and easy to use website, helps you prepare and print your “Ready to File” pdf return, file it with your base jurisdiction in just minutes. This Self-Service website, enables to complete your Quarterly IFTA Tax returns in 3 simple steps. Accurate tax calculation by using the latest tax rates of all participating states. Continue reading

2nd Quarter IFTA Tax is Due this July 31

The IFTA – International Fuel Tax Agreement Returns which is a quarterly returns is now due for the 2nd quarter of 2017 (April to June) by this July 31. This quarterly IFTA fuel taxes are filed with your base Jurisdiction based on the type of fuel the tax rates differ. Continue reading

Prepare & File your 2nd quarter IFTA fuel taxes for 2016 Before July 31.

The IFTA Fuel tax return for the 2nd Quarter of 2016 is due now and need to be filed on or before July 31st. By filing your IFTA Fuel Tax returns for 2nd quarter on time you could have a seamless driving across the states. Now you can also prepare your IFTA Fuel tax returns for all the participating state in US through, print ready to file PDF to mail it across. Continue reading

IFTA Is Due By July 31st For The Second Quarter

So filers, we are coming to an end of the 2st quarter for IFTA and this month end is the due to file and report your IFTA tax to your individual jurisdiction. We are going to share crucial information about IFTA return and deadlines, which will help you this quarter and many other quarter coming your way. And this session will serve you with little tit bits that you would need throughout the year when you prepare your tax return with Continue reading

IFTA Claims And Refunds for Earlier Filed IFTA returns

We have no idea when did trucking started or how, but till date, trucking is one of the profession that is highly paid and demanded job in the nation. Previously, truckers had to buy fuel from each state while they were traveling and the tax part was not introduced yet. However, with the time and technology, IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) was initiated among the 48 jurisdictions and Canadian provinces in order to simplify the reporting of fuel used by each motor carrier in the jurisdictions. Also, truckers who are liable to report tax through IFTA, should possess an IFTA license and a decal to report IFTA each quarter. Continue reading

Overcome The Common Errors Committed While Filing IFTA

Hello filers, how is trucking treating you? We know, with a tipsy climate and deliveries on board, the work pressure would be too much to handle. We pray and wish for your safety. Other than simple deliveries and updates, tax comes in as the major responsibility. With paper work and other regulations, paying tax to your base jurisdiction for the journeys you have designed during the quarter. Continue reading

Second Quarter IFTA is Due From Today

Reminders are beeping over our ears, indicating that July 31st would be the last day to prepare and submit IFTA return for the second quarter. With that, you are left with only few hours in hand to prepare IFTA online with and send it across to your jurisdiction by today. If you are worried that you are late, don’t you worry about that? We are here to quicken the process, faster the preparation time, assuring no errors to be found. However, we never advice taxpayers to prepare their tax return at the last minute. We want you to file without any hassles being towed along and that is not so possible when you are running out of time. Continue reading

Prepare Your First Quarter IFTA Return Online Via

Serving the nation is a noble job and truckers are indeed doing a fair job. However, that is not enough. Making deliveries and sharing a word of concern with your co-traveler is not nobility. Owning an IFTA license, paying your IFTA, and maintaining the trip sheet are included in the list of obligations. So if you are traveling through 48 jurisdictions listed under the agreement, you are liable to pay International Fuel Tax to your base jurisdiction on or before April 30th 2014. So what are you waiting for? Join hands with and prepare your return online. We will help you in an error free preparation of IFTA. Continue reading

Are You Looking For Clear Explanation On IFTA Jargons? We Will Help You

Hello IFTA filers, welcome to our blog. With the IFTA due date right around the corner, we would like to pass on a gentle reminder for all IFTA filers. The due date is just 3 weeks away, 30th April 2014 is the date to file your IFTA return for the first quarter of 2014. The method you choose is absolutely your call, however, we give you a chance to prepare your IFTA return online, eliminating the errors and making it time efficient. Continue reading