IFTA- An Intro

An introduction from Taxifta – IFTA Preparers

IFTA is not a tax or fee to be paid every time. IFTA is a mutual agreement between 48 U.S states and 10 Canada provinces. It stands for International Fuel Tax Agreement. The agreement says that qualified motor vehicles between two member jurisdictions must have IFTA license and decals issued by their base jurisdictions. Taxifa presents a clear-cut view about IFTA here.

Non-IFTA Jurisdictions:

Apart from IFTA jurisdictions, some are non-IFTA jurisdictions too. They are as follows.

  • U.S => Alaska, Hawaii, District of Columbia.
  • Canada => Yukon Territory, N/W territory, Nunavut
  • Mexico => All states (Federal districts)

Is yours a qualified motor vehicle?

Your vehicle is a IFTA qualified motor vehicle, if it meets the below requirements. All those vehicles listed below are qualified motor vehicles.

  • Vehicles that are designed, used, maintained for transportation of persons or property.
  • Vehicles that has 2, 3 or more axles regardless of weight.
  • Gross vehicle weight or registered gross vehicle that weighs more than 26,000 pounds or 11.797 kgs.

How to apply for IFTA?

  • Apply via Form 2823 for obtaining new license
  • Apply through Form 3014 for renewal application

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