Improve Fuel Efficiency With Trailer Skirts

Fuel efficiency is important and essential as that counts as a major business expense. Trucking companies face large fuel bills and have raises their rates to meet their rising cost of fuel. However, by attaching a trailer skirt at the bottom, front or the side of the semi-truck box trailers, it can surely help you in reducing the cost of fuels. It all works by the drag created while the truck and trailer moves down the road.

Side Skirts:

This type of skirt is installed along the bottom of a semi-trailer. They are designed in a manner that controls the amount of air that passes under the trailer and over the rear axle. By blocking the air flow across, the fuel efficiency of the truck is majorly improved. Trailer skirts are made of both aluminum and fiberglass. As per your schedule, you need to decide which one would be the best choice for the side skirt.

Well, if you are driving regularly along the coast, fiberglass is the better option that aluminum as rusting would be another issue coming along. However, if you are traveling along the stretches, a metal side skirt is much more durable choice.

Gap Fairings:

There is significant space noticed behind the cab of the truck and front of the trailer, creating a drag as wind passes by the cab and gets trapped in front of the trailer. By investing in gap fairings, the space between the back of the truck and the trailer is covered and eventually, the drag is reduced to large extent. The truck tends to become more aerodynamic and that’s how the fuel consumption is also reduced to certain level.

Boat Tails:

This type is installed on the back of the box trailer, reducing the suction created as the wind moves over the top and then by the sides of the trailer and finally falls off the back. This suction can create a drag on the back of the trailer, resulting in fuel efficiency. A boat tail creates more aerodynamic ends to the trailer, controlling the swirling air and diverting away from the back end of the box trailer. The result is reduced suction.

In this expensive world maintaining fuel efficiency is important as well as essential. By installing these trailer skirts in yoursemi truck, there are chances for less fuel consumption and a chance to save a buck. However, if you are moving along the coast from one jurisdiction to another or at least 2 jurisdictions, you are licensed to file your return on quarterly basis. If not filed on time, you’re liable to file your return with a heavy penalty. Make sure you follow up with dates and maintain all your processing documents before the next due date for this year, i.e. 31st October 2013.

With the growing technology, it is better to make the best out of it while you’re behind the wheels. Prepare your IFTA returns to avoid errors. We are always around to help you with your queries. Don’t miss to ring us @ 1-866-245-3918 for even simple, silly and subtle questions related toIFTA. We are more than happy to support you. Safe Journey Truckers!

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