Prepare Your IFTA Return Online For The First Quarter By April 30th

Welcome filers, a very warm welcome to our blog. Each week when we come up with a topic to write on, we think every aspect related to you and ensure our blog is interesting enough for you all to read through. Today, however, we are here with updates rather than mere information. Yes, you read it right. The update is for truckers, owner operators, and qualified motor carriers, who commute through the 48 jurisdictions with their IFTA license and a decal on their truck. IFTA due date is falling on April 30th, which means you have exactly 9 days in hand to prepare and paper file your return to your base jurisdiction.

If you have traveled in any of the jurisdiction in the first quarter of the year, i.e. January- March, you are liable to file and pay your IFTA dues to the base jurisdiction you have registered. Also, do note that if you have no miles covered in any of the jurisdiction, you are liable to file IFTA checking on “No Operations” in your IFTA form.

How Is IFTA Calculated?

IFTA calculations are done based on the miles covered and the gallons of fuel burnt on the road of the jurisdiction you had traveled in that quarter. Say, if you have filed your fuel tank with 100 gallons at Florida and you traveled all the way to Georgia. Again, at Georgia you pumped 200 gallons of diesel. So when you are preparing IFTA tax return, you need to pay taxes based on the fuel tax rate for Florida and Georgia, including the miles you have covered. Also, if you have pumped fuel in any of the other 48 jurisdictions during that quarter, you need to mention the same in your IFTA form.

How To Prepare IFTA Return?

Now the point is how should you prepare your IFTA return? We know your concerns, the tax calculations are hectic and understanding each of the jurisdiction’s fuel tax rate is chaotic and time consuming. You need to check online, go through tabs after tabs ensuring you don’t go wrong somewhere. You need to be very strong in your calculations as one error can get your IFTA return rejected.

Just to avoid all these chaos in your IFTA form, we, is providing you with the best, reliable option to get your tax return prepared online through our application within minutes.

Here, you really don’t have to move tabs to tabs, learning the fuel tax rate offered by each jurisdiction. You need to select the tax year you want to file for, choose the quarter you are filing and pick your base jurisdiction you have registered. Share your vehicle identification number, taxable gross weight, the jurisdictions you have traveled, fuel type and gallons of fuels consumed in that quarter including the miles you have covered for the application to calculate your dues. You have invested your trust in us; we will surely not let you down.

At, the application would calculate the fuel tax you owe and get it imprinted in your IFTA form, without welcoming errors and penalties. Your IFTA PDF is all set to be filed to your based jurisdiction.

Other than supporting you with well-equipped, authentic application to prepare your tax return, we have handpicked Tax Experts to assist you with your queries and solve the mystery puzzle of tax preparation. So get in touch with us for support @ 1-866-245-3918 or shoot an email We have sustained the battle of competition in order to serve you with the best and authentic services to prepare your IFTA return. We are here to calculate it for you; all we need is your support.