Records To Be Maintained While Filing IFTA

So filers, how are you doing today? Today’s blog topic is about the records to be maintained to file IFTA. Before we start, let’s brush up the basics about IFTA.

What is IFTA?

IFTA is a quarterly tax paid by motor carrier owners having IFTA license and operating their vehicles from one state to another. IFTA is filed on quarterly basis that implies each taxpayer to file and pay IFTA return on time. However, with the moving time, online service providers like is providing an opportunity to filers to come online and prepare their return, from anywhere, anytime.

However, it is important to maintain accurate records to stay on safer grounds during the audit. Also, it is clearly stated in the ‘IFTA Procedural Manual’ that IFTA filers need to maintain their mileage and fuel records properly. The International Registration Plan (IRP) and International Fuel Tax Agreement require the records for appropriate distribution of tax to the various jurisdictions. Read on to know more.

Records IFTA Filers Should Keep:

It is important for each IFTA taxpayer to maintain and track the mileage traveled by each vehicle, in different jurisdiction. Also, ensure the information noted is authentic to avoid issues during the IFTA audit. The following are the records to be maintained:

  • ·         The Accurate Motor Carrier Name
  • ·         The Right Vehicle Number
  • ·         Accurate Vehicle Identification Number or VIN
  • ·         The distance traveled by the vehicle
  • ·         Complete details of the start and end date of every trip
  • ·         The origin and destination of every trip
  • ·         The pick-up and delivery destinations of the vehicle
  • ·         Details of the places where fuel was filled
  • ·         The traveling routes
  • ·         Total mileage used on the American states and Canadian provinces
  • ·         Total trip distance covered by the vehicles
  • Original fuel invoices, which should include the date, customer name, seller name, gallons of fuels used, type of fuel, tax paid, and finally the OEN or VIN

According to the International Fuel Tax Agreement, the records should be kept for four years from the time the tax return was filed or it was due. Record keeping might vary from one state or one jurisdiction to another, so it is good to stay updated about the states regulations.

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