Second Quarter IFTA is Due From Today

Reminders are beeping over our ears, indicating that July 31st would be the last day to prepare and submit IFTA return for the second quarter. With that, you are left with only few hours in hand to prepare IFTA online with and send it across to your jurisdiction by today. If you are worried that you are late, don’t you worry about that? We are here to quicken the process, faster the preparation time, assuring no errors to be found. However, we never advice taxpayers to prepare their tax return at the last minute. We want you to file without any hassles being towed along and that is not so possible when you are running out of time.

If you are looking out for simplifying the workload that IFTA is serving you with, then you are at the right place. We are going to tell you how advantageous you can get by using, only for preparing your IFTA return.

  • · is simplest o use. With the touch of user friendliness, you don’t need to add in too much of information to get your taxes calculated. The basics of all would do.
  • ·         There is no sign up cost or we don’t charge you upfront for monthly membership fee. We are glad you are associated with us; you don’t have to prove your obligations.
  • · support all 46 jurisdiction* that are a part of IFTA and has an inbuilt calculator that would eventually calculate the dues as you enter the required information. You really don’t have to worry about the tax rate provided by each jurisdiction. Let us take care of everything you need.
  • ·         We know how much you would like your return to be error free (who wouldn’t)? Keeping that in mind, once you complete the input of information, our system would run a diagnostic report to view the possibility of errors and notify you almost immediately. You can return and make the amends much before the return is converted into a PDF for submission.

However, do note the error check is not a guarantee that the IFTA return would be processed successfully and accepted by your base jurisdiction. The idea behind the basic error check is to let you stay on safer grounds, which is the only aspect that can be overlooked.

*Illinois & Minnesota are two jurisdiction support only efiling.


So here are the advantages you receive with With only few hours in hand, prepare IFTA online to stay safe and away from penalties. You can reach our Tax Experts @ 1-866-245-3918 or shoot an email to We are here to assist you and serve you every benefit you deserve to win.