1st Quarter IFTA Fuel Use Tax is due this April 30

What is IFTA Tax?

The International Fuel Tax Agreement is a tax collection agreement by and among the 48 contiguous States and the 10 Canadian Provinces bordering the US. Uniform administration of motor fuels use taxation laws with respect to qualified motor vehicles operated in more than one member jurisdiction

Why TaxIFTA.com?

TaxIFTA.com is a product of ThinkTrade, Inc. who own and operate Tax2290.com (the #1 website to report Federal Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290 online) and TaxExcise.com (the only website to support all the Federal Excise Tax returns at one common place).

TaxIFTA.com is a simple and easy to use website, helps you prepare and print your “Ready to File” pdf return, file it with your base jurisdiction in just minutes.

This Self-Service website, enables to complete your Quarterly IFTA Tax returns in 3 simple steps. Accurate tax calculation by using the latest tax rates of all participating states.

IFTA Q1 Tax Preparation

3 Simple Steps: IFTA Tax Return is DONE

Quarterly IFTA Tax returns can be prepared in 3 simple steps at TaxIFTA.com,

  • Create your own account to manage all your Quarterly IFTA Tax returns at one place
  • Add your Business, Total miles and taxable miles traveled in each member jurisdiction, Taxable gallons consumed in each member jurisdiction
  • Print your “Ready to File” Quarterly IFTA Tax return

IFTA Q1 Tax Preparation

IFTA Tax and 2290 HVUT: At one place

  • You can electronically prepare and report your Federal Vehicle Use Tax (Form 2290) and Quarterly IFTA Fuel preparation at one place.
  • Reporting your 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax is much simpler than driving to an IRS office, standing in line and paying your taxes.
  • Online reporting is Simple, Safe, Secured, Quick and Great. You could collect your IRS stamped Schedule -1 proof in just minutes from filing your return.
  • Use your common account for both IFTA and 2290 needs.

Help Desk: Email, Chat and Talk to us.

  • We have a support center to take care of your needs. Chat with our tax experts or talk to us or email us your questions and get it answered immediately.
  • We’re working from Monday to Friday on all Business Days except Federal and Local Holidays, between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM CST.
  • We’re rightly placed at Brentwood, Tennessee, USA.

Economic Tax Preparation

At TaxIFTA.com it is economic tax preparation fee, we won’t ask for your credit card upfront. Try for Free and once you’re ok and about to print your Quarterly IFTA Tax Return pay the nominal service fee to print. You can come back and print any number of copies and it is free record keeping at TaxIFTA.com.

No hidden charges what so ever, you pay what you see and you have option to just pay for the return you prepare or you can choose a combo pack that allows you to prepare IFTA Fuel Tax returns for all 4 quarters for a single business.

IFTA single return

Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Form 720 is due this April 30 for 1st Quarter, report it online, the fastest way of reporting your taxes with IRS. If IRS owe back credits/refunds, claim it online too using IRS Tax Form 8849. Simple, Fast and Easy.