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IFTA Fuel Tax – Vital to shape our Nation

The American trucking industries’ strength is the right sign of an overall improving U.S. economy. So it would be great to simply organize all those vehicles and inform via IFTA fuel tax reports about fuel usage. Tax ifta has helped out scores of companies and individuals in easy preparation of IFTA. When you prepare your fuel tax with us, you are really putting down the paper work and submission burden by our easy-to-use fuel tax preparing method. And hence we are able to list to you how important, IFTA is! Continue reading

IFTA- An Intro

An introduction from Taxifta – IFTA Preparers

IFTA is not a tax or fee to be paid every time. IFTA is a mutual agreement between 48 U.S states and 10 Canada provinces. It stands for International Fuel Tax Agreement. The agreement says that qualified motor vehicles between two member jurisdictions must have IFTA license and decals issued by their base jurisdictions. Taxifa presents a clear-cut view about IFTA here. Continue reading