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Q2 IFTA Preparation with

Welcome to After a long break, we are here to for a new blog post sending in reminders to IFTA filers to file their IFTA return for the second quarter. If you are one among the commuters traveling in the 48 jurisdictions during the second quarter of the year with an IFTA license and a decal on your truck, you are liable to report IFTA to your base jurisdiction. However, do note, if you don’t have any miles to report or no miles covered in the jurisdictions, you are liable to file IFTA checking on “No Operations” in your IFTA form. This will indicate you don’t have to pay any dues, however, you are keeping the base jurisdiction informed about the same.

IFTA due date falls on July 31st 2014, which means you have only 9 days in hand to prepare your return online and send it across to your base jurisdiction.

Now the very important question how IFTA tax calculated.

Well, this is the most aspect of IFTA. The calculations is based on the miles covered by the vehicle and the gallons of fuels used on the roads of the jurisdiction during that quarter. Assume, you have filed your gas tank with 200 gallons of Diesel at Oklahoma City and you are driving down to Kansas. As you reach there, you pump in another 100 gallons of Diesel. And you are moving towards South Dakota. So when you are preparing IFTA return, you need to pay taxes based on the fuel tax rate fixed at Kansas, Oklahoma and South Dakota based on the miles you have traveled. Do note, if you have pumped fuel during the quarter in any other jurisdiction, you need to mention the same in the return.

Now you have all the information handy, all you need to do is come to and fill in the details requested by the application. You will notice the calculation is done automatically yet, accurately. You really don’t have to bother running tabs to tabs, checking out the tax rate offered by each state you traveled. Our application would take care of that, leaving you with very less work to do. And that stands as the major advantage to prepare IFTA online.

Once you complete the procedure of filing online, your PDF is all ready to be printed and submitted to your base jurisdiction.

Other than supporting taxpayers with well-equipped and authentic service application to prepare your IFTA online, we have a set of Tax Experts online to assist you with your queries any time of the day. Simply reach us @ @ 1-866-245-3918 or shoot an email to We are here to assist you and serve you every benefit you deserve to win.