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IFTA Claims And Refunds for Earlier Filed IFTA returns

We have no idea when did trucking started or how, but till date, trucking is one of the profession that is highly paid and demanded job in the nation. Previously, truckers had to buy fuel from each state while they were traveling and the tax part was not introduced yet. However, with the time and technology, IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) was initiated among the 48 jurisdictions and Canadian provinces in order to simplify the reporting of fuel used by each motor carrier in the jurisdictions. Also, truckers who are liable to report tax through IFTA, should possess an IFTA license and a decal to report IFTA each quarter. Continue reading

Overcome The Common Errors Committed While Filing IFTA

Hello filers, how is trucking treating you? We know, with a tipsy climate and deliveries on board, the work pressure would be too much to handle. We pray and wish for your safety. Other than simple deliveries and updates, tax comes in as the major responsibility. With paper work and other regulations, paying tax to your base jurisdiction for the journeys you have designed during the quarter. Continue reading