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What To Do With Your IFTA When You Have Not Driven Your Vehicle Last Quarter?

It is mandatory for IFTA license and decal holder to file IFTA each quarter without fail. However, there is one question, which keeps coming to us. “What if I didn’t run during the quarter, do I still have to file IFTA?”

Well, there are many things you need to keep in mind while you having a valid IFTA license and decal. We will explain you all of it! Keep reading to know and understand how it works. Continue reading

IFTA Is Due By July 31st For The Second Quarter

So filers, we are coming to an end of the 2st quarter for IFTA and this month end is the due to file and report your IFTA tax to your individual jurisdiction. We are going to share crucial information about IFTA return and deadlines, which will help you this quarter and many other quarter coming your way. And this session will serve you with little tit bits that you would need throughout the year when you prepare your tax return with Continue reading

What Are The Aftermath Of Missing Out The Last Date To File IFTA?

Welcome back filers, today we are going to talk about aftermath of the due date set by the jurisdiction to report IFTA to the base jurisdiction on or before the quarterly due date. As we all know, it is mandatory to file and report IFTA by the due date, however, there are times, when you really don’t file on time and penalties come your way. That is what we are going to talk today! Continue reading