Different types of Oil Filters

Welcome back truckers! We truly hope your hauling and trucking is moving smooth. In our previous blog, we discussed whatoil filters are. This time we would talk about what are the different types oil filters and their presence.

Oil filters are many; you need to choose among them. In the list: Mechanical, Magnetic, centrifugal cartridge or spin-on types and sedimentation types are some of the commonly used filters. However, these oil filters have their own set of features and advantages.

Mechanical oil filters types make use of pleated material to filter media, segregate suspended particles and contaminants. With the flow of time, the oil flow is restricted as the contaminants have blocked their way, and this is when you need to replace the filter element, or if it’s cleanable, you need to maintain a periodic cleaning session unlike FES filter.

Cartridge and spin-on type are the initial filters, used for engines. In early 1950’s, most engines were fitted with spin-on filters. They have metallic canister housing and inside are the filter media called cartridge made of a different material.

The next in the list is magnetic oil filters type, tagged with a magnet or electro magnet to attract iron particles in oil. It is advantageous for truckers as this type of filter does not require any periodic cleaning or replacements. All you need to do is, simply clean the magnet surface and clear the particles that have made way to the magnet.

Sedimentation types allow the contaminants to settle at the bottom, influenced with the aspect of earth’s gravity.

Centrifugal oil filters are another type of contaminants by applying a centrifugal force right when the filter rotates. The oil tends to enter the rotating chamber and passing through the chambers traps the contaminants on the filter wall. However, the filter inside the chamber requires a regular replacement because if the contaminants are too thick, it stops the chamber from rotating. This is one of the signs to understand that the filter is all set for replacement.

With the various types of oil filters available, now it’s your call to depend on any one of them to keep away the contaminants and promise the filters long life. However, along with the requirement of oil filters, you’re liable to file your IFTA return if you have made your way through at least two jurisdictions. Do remember, by this October 31st, IFTA is due for the 3rd quarter. So why should you wait till the end of October, Come to TaxIFTA.com and prepare your IFTA return ASAP. We are here to serve you with all your requirements and queries. Simply dial 1-866-245-3918 or shoot a mail to support@taxexcise.com. You’re as valuable to us like how you’re to the nation. Serving you is our privilege, our duty truckers.

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