Fuel Alternatives for Diesel Trucks

Welcome back truckers, after a long break our tax experts have come up with a blog forTaxIFTA. Today, our blog post is dedicated to truckers driving diesel trucks. In this expensive world and growing rates of diesel with each passing day, it is very difficult for truckers to maintain their pace on the road with heavy pockets. We also discovered that truckers like you, are looking for alternatives to keep their engine running, healthy and safe.

After a dynamic research on the web, we have shortlisted few fuels which can be used as a replacement for diesel. If you’re skeptical about how these alternatives work for you, we shall discuss about the advantages of these diesel alternatives in our next blog, so keep tuning to our blog. We just gave you another reason to hang around. And of course, you will get a better idea about the whole concept.

Keep reading to know about the alternatives and how they’re helpful to you.


Well-known substitute of diesel, bio-diesel is renewable, clean-burning diesel replacement, allowing the country to be independent of the foreign petroleum and improving the environment. It is made of a diverse mix of feed stocks including recycled cooking oil, soybean oil, and animal fats, and the first and the onlyEPA- designed Advanced Bio fuelfor commercial-scale production across the country. This is the first fuel reached 1 billion gallons of annual production.

However, it is said that it can be used in diesel trucks without getting any modifications in the truck engine or fuel lines.


Ethanol, another option for replacing the expensive diesel is a renewable fuel made of corn other plant material, domestically produced for the usage of transportation fuel. It also assumed that it makes an effective motor fuel as it has lower energy components than gasoline. That means, about one third of ethanol is required to travel the same distance as on gasoline. Other characteristic includes, high octane rating, results in increasing engine efficiency and of course, performance of the vehicle.


Well, the properties of Kerosene and diesel are much similar, leading many people replacing diesel with kerosene. Moreover, there is no evidence or report stating that it will not damage your engine over the time of usage, so it is not likely advisable to use straight kerosene in your vehicle. Either you can use half portion of each fuel and run your vehicle smooth. It is good you consult with your vehicle manufacturers or check your owner manuals if you can substitute diesel with the given alternative.

Natural Gas:

Ever since the prices are rising, the worry of every trucker is how to seek alternatives. With the upcoming research, there is space for natural gas as a replacement of diesel, which is also known as NGVs. Do note, you cannot drive for long and yet, they are not cost-effective.


Propane, last and final alternative in our list, is currently noted to be used by more than 27,000 vehicles in the states. It is well known for its clean burning feature, adding weight-age to diesel fuels, however, cannot be used without converting a truck fuel’s system.

We have discussed what the alternatives are but the most important point here is that you got to pay taxes if you move from your base jurisdiction to another jurisdiction. This is more like a token of respect given to each jurisdiction you have traveled. Additionally, you also need IFTA license and decals, and if you don’t possess these, you can apply forTruck and Trip Permitsto move smoothly behind the wheels.

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