IFTA Is Due By July 31st For The Second Quarter

So filers, we are coming to an end of the 2st quarter for IFTA and this month end is the due to file and report your IFTA tax to your individual jurisdiction. We are going to share crucial information about IFTA return and deadlines, which will help you this quarter and many other quarter coming your way. And this session will serve you with little tit bits that you would need throughout the year when you prepare your tax return with TaxIFTA.com.

The Due Dates:

1st Quarter:

You will report your mileage and purchased fuel for the months January – March. The 1st Quarter IFTA return is due April 30th.

2nd Quarter:

You need to report your mileage and fuel purchase during the month April – June. The 2nd Quarter IFTA return is due July 31st.

3rd Quarter:

You will report your mileage and purchased fuel for the months July – September. The 3rd Quarter IFTA return is due October 31st.

4th Quarter:

You will report your mileage and purchased fuel for the months October – December. The Quarter IFTA return is due January 31, 2016.

What You Need To Prepare with TaxIFTA.com?

Your Business/Truck Information:

First, if you are a returning user, you can log into TaxIFTA account and if you are new to the application, you need to create an account with TaxIFTA, which is for free and provide us with the basic truck information.

Your Mileage:

A well maintained log book is a must for IFTA filers. this adds up on ease while you are preparing your IFTA return. If you use a GPS platform, like Fleetmatics, you can upload your miles directly from your daily report. If you don’t see your GPS platform listed, just give us a call and we can add it. Not only that, we can prepare a return for you, sending a PDF to your email id.

Your Fuel Receipts:

Save your fuel receipts, you need to enter the amount of fuel purchased in each state. You may need them for auditing purpose as well, so be sure to have them handy.

Don’t Know How To Prepare IFTA? Don’t Worry!

We understand this phrase. If you don’t want to prepare your IFTA yourself due to unavoidable reasons, we have options for you. Call up our Tax Experts and pass on the information required in a excel sheet. We will do the filing on your behalf and you will receive the PDF in your email id. You need to take a print of it and submit it to your base jurisdiction. Everything is done, in minutes.

Clear your queries and shoot maximum questions to your Tax Experts 1-866-245-3918 or shoot an email to support@taxexcise.com for more assistance. You know we would love to hear from you.