Must Have Information – Before you start preparing your IFTA Return

“Mise en place” very familiar term in hospitality industry. The French phrase means everything in its place, in simple words per-preparation before you start your day’s operation. Well begun is half done, which makes preparedness an important factor for any successful mission. This goes well with every single day to day activity we perform.

Being said that preparedness is important for even the simplest things we do, it becomes a key factor for major things we do in life. One such very important & unavoidable element in every Interstate Heavy haulers carrier is Preparing & Filing IFTA every quarter. So when he/she starts to prepare his/her IFTA return on  it’s good to have the list of below mentioned information handy for a faster & smoother Tax Filing Experience.

  • IFTA License Number
  • Base Jurisdiction
  • Taxable Miles Traveled In Each Jurisdiction
  • Non Taxable Miles Traveled In Each Jurisdiction
  • Gallons of Fuel Purchased in Each Jurisdiction
  • Any Tax Credits from previous 8 Quarters (If Available)

Keep the above listed by your side when you are preparing your IFTA Tax Return on . If you have not segregated them for the 3rd Quarter of 2016 yet, buckle up and gather all of them and log on to , and prepare your third quarter IFTA return and file them before October 31st ,2016, That’s right its due by the end of this month and the time is running out. Any queries you may have or any assistance you require, reach our handpicked Tax Experts @ 1-866-245-3918 or email them @ .