Oil Filters To Keep Your Engine Healthy

Oil filter in automobiles are located on the side of the engine blocks, occupying the lower and the larger part of the engine. The oil pump circulates the oil in and across the engine and is passed through filters as large particles present in oil should not get in contact with the engine. It would eventually damage the engine if circulated freely.
This oil filter serves a dual purpose; it protects the engine by retaining back a part of oil when the vehicle is not on. The part of the vehicle which makes this retention possible is known as anti-drain-back valve. As the engine is in rest, the oil tends to drains down, at the bottom of the engine leaving the moving parts, which are at the top of the engine without proper lubrication. However, there is a small amount of oil remaining in the filter, which tends to circulate the top of the engine real quickly during the first couple of seconds right after the vehicle is started, restoring proper lubrication before the vehicle hits the road smoothly.

In the market, there is different kind of filters available. The standard filter seems to be sufficient, assuming that it would replace the oil within 3,000 miles. However, while you’re shopping for oil filters, it is always important to go with something simple and nice, avoiding the fancy-flashing technology. The best example for oil filters by a leading manufacture includes Teflon in the filter itself; that circulates throughout the engine with oil.

Teflon is a semi solid substance, which has the ability to clog the small particles within in the engine. A filter with Teflon is not advisable but the one who use Teflon in gasket should not have any adverse effect on the engine.

It is important that you change your truck’s filter with the engine oil as you cross 3,000 miles or three months, whichever comes first. As the filter’s job is to keep a check on trapping large particles, preventing them from damaging the engine, it is safe to assume that after 3,000 miles, it might get clogged. However, a clogged filter will pose more resistance to flow the engine oil, blocking the oil passages and thus, oil would not reach all the part of engines. To prevent such serious damage that results in lack of lubrication, it is imperative to change your oil filter regularly.

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