Specifications Dealing With Truck Trip & Fuel Permit

Welcome back to our blog truckers. We’re glad that we are able to serve you with information and our knowledge sharing sessions is going viral now. In our previous blog, we had shared Permits And Taxes to Establish Your Trucking Business and today we’re up with requirements dealing with truck and fuel permits. Interesting, isn’t it?

We all know, commercial carriers must register in their base jurisdiction and complete quarterly forms to comply with IFTA(International Fuel Tax Agreement). You as a trucker need to also track all miles and fuel purchases done in each jurisdiction and these states receives a reimbursement for the fuel taxes. These carriers also register an appointed tag in their base state for each state they travel through and the money is distributed in the states, paying the road use taxes.

However, not every time you have a registered note or an appointed tag, you need to own a temporary permit from the state to travel in it. So here are the requirements you need to remember to gain truck trip and fuel permit.

Purchase Permit Before Entering State:

Irrespective of which state you’re traveling, a permit is required before entering the state. You can pick them up at the first weigh station if that is the requirement, but you cannot purchase them there. You need to order the permit services and the authority would fax you the permit as per the requested location.

However, the technology is growing in its own pace, some of these IFTA states sell their permits on their site and this option is available if you looking for one single permit.

Requirements- Weight:

Every vehicle weigh more than 26,000 pounds is required to purchase permits, according to IFTA. However, vehicles with three or more axles must buy permits regardless of their weight. In the list, there are three important states which differ in weight requirements, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico.

In Arizona and California, every commercial vehicle entering the state must have a permit, although California allows you to carry your personal belongings without one. In Nevada, commercial vehicles more than 10,001 pounds needs to acquire a permit, and in New Mexico, trucks more than 12,001 pounds require a permit.

Duration Of The Permit:

These permits are valid for 3 to 15 days, depending on the state, mentioning clearly the date of issue and the number of days it will be valid. You can purchase permits ahead of time, but do remember, once ordered, you cannot make any changes.

Vehicle Identification:

The permits you pick up must have your Truck’s Vehicle Identification Number, make and the model number mentioned. You also need to specify the correct motor carrier name and the unit number for the permit to be valid. Do note if the above mentioned information is not available on the permit, then there are high chances to restrict you from moving into the state.

However, these permits only give you the permission to enter the jurisdiction but filing taxes for the fuel consumed is mandatory and that is through IFTA. Yes, you may not have applied an IFTA decal and license, you need to apply for one and then pay your fuel tax. With Taxifta.comwe help you in preparing your tax return and you can simply mail it to IRS and owe your dues. For more information on IFTA taxes and their requirements, you can get in touch with our tax experts, duly appointed to serve you. Call us @ 1-866-245-3918 or shoot a mail-tosupport@taxexcise.com We know, you don’t like waiting and we would not make you stay online too long.

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