What To Do With Your IFTA When You Have Not Driven Your Vehicle Last Quarter?

It is mandatory for IFTA license and decal holder to file IFTA each quarter without fail. However, there is one question, which keeps coming to us. “What if I didn’t run during the quarter, do I still have to file IFTA?”

Well, there are many things you need to keep in mind while you having a valid IFTA license and decal. We will explain you all of it! Keep reading to know and understand how it works.

The Reason-Why:

The only reason why you need to file IFTA for the second quarter even if you didn’t run your vehicle on road is because you hold a valid IFTA license, which means you need to report each quarter without fail, irrespective of the scenarios.

What To File-

You know the reasons to file IFTA, however, if you are wondering what you have to file when you have not been on the road at the first place. We are coming to that point. Your return will be categorized as “NO OPERATIONS”. The best part about IFTA is that, you won’t be filing a different form, you need to check on “NO OPERATIONS” when you have to enter distance and fuel exemptions.

Where Can I File My IFTA Return Before The July- 2nd Quarter due date?

Do we really need to answer this? TaxIFTA.com is the ultimate option to prepare your IFTA return. You will experience amazing customer service and easy-to-use program, making your task much easier.

Here’s the outline of the process:

  1. 1.           Create an account/ log in with your credentials
  2. 2.           Enter your Tax Year and Base Jurisdiction details
  3. 3.           Enter vehicle information
  4. 4.           Enter the mileage and fuel records/ No Operations
  5. 5.           Generate the IFTA Return in minutes

And the meantime, you need any kind of assistance while preparing IFTA online, you can seek for help to our Tax Experts here at TaxIFTA.com. They are only one call away. Reach us via phone/ email/ chat: 1-866-245-3918 or email at support@taxexcise.com

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